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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time to get you involved in our new project?
As you might imagine, the earlier the better. We like to work with homeowners while the house is still being designed. This helps ensure nothing is left out or overlooked.

What if I go to Best Buy or Circuit City and buy my own audio/video system, will you install it?
It is our general policy not to install or service systems purchased elsewhere. All of the products we sell are hand chosen to integrate well together and provide the best value.

Do you prewire houses in developments or tracts?
We work exclusively with custom home builders and directly with home owners. Most developments or tracts require you to use their electrician, alarm contractor, or A/V contractor to install your audio/video system.

Do you install alarm systems?
No. We believe in trade specialization. We work with alarm contractors on large projects to provide integration with our equipment. For instance, if you'd like your interior house lights to come on if your alarm sounds.

Will you provide a system for my 100' yacht?
Of course.

Will you put a CD player in my car?

Do you have a showroom?
No, we are not set-up for retail sales. We can set up a demo for some equipment we sell at ADE, in our homes, or yours. Also many clients have opened their homes to us for demo purposes.

How many watts does your music or home-theater systems have?
Our systems have a significant amount of power to provide you with a natural and realistic sound. The number of watts in a system has little to do with the quality of sound.

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