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Only the best!

ADE strives to provide you with the latest audio/video products and services. Through our network of distributors, we have access to most products available. We are constantly being trained on the use of new technology and wiring options to get your home or office ready for the next millennium.
Some of these products include:

Home theater products

in-wall speakers

free-standing speakers

sub woofers

satellite TV systems

audio components

HDTV ready plasma TV's and projection systems for business presentations or home theater use;

lighting control systems for both new construction and retrofit;

as well as keypad and IR systems to control the previous devices from any room in your home or office.
One of the quality companies ADE specializes in is LINN Hi Fi.

The LINN Knekt System is a multi-room, multi-source keypad system that allows you the highest quality audio reproduction possible, and have the ability to listen to any music source in any room in your house.

ADE uses Crestron products for custom home integration.

You can visit the Linn Hi Fi web site by clicking on this hyperlink: Linn Hi Fi.

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