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Lights, camera, action!!

Remember the last time you saw a great blockbuster movie at the theater? You sat in a comfortable chair waiting to be entertained as the lights dimmed. The movie director's vision was brought to life right in front of you. The room was full of sound. The immense, realistic details seem to come from nowhere. Then, you are then zapped away from this experience as the guy behind you sneezes.

You can live this experience in your own living room! (Without the distractions) A typical ADE project consists of designing and installing a new entertainment system for a custom home. This project could provide you with a new digital ready 60" 16:9 plasma HDTV monitor, or perhaps a 100" diagonal theater screen with an HDTV projector.

The completed project could also provide you with an intuitive, easy-to-use home theater system. One that utilizes the latest home theater technology, lighting controls and aesthetics to allow it to blend almost invisibly into a room. The guests you invite over to enjoy the experience with are up to you!

The experience doesn't have to end in the living room...

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